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Guoan Group Held Large Social Activity Fate in The Same City for Young Staff

Release time锛?2016-09-29

On August 28th, the Labor Union and Youth League Committee of Guoan Group jointly organized a large social activity Fate in the Same City for the young staff at the Guoan Grand Epoch City. 54 outstanding young staff from Guoan and other companies including Bank of China, CITIC Bank, CITIC Securities, BAIC Group attended the activity. Xia Guilan, the secretary of party committee of Guoan Group, and Liu Xin, the chairman of the labor union, and other leaders were present at the event as well.

Under the strong support of the Guoan Group鈥檚 Party committee, the Labor Unions and the Youth League Committee of the company has held the social activity for three consecutive years aiming to care for the young workers, do practical and good things for them and build a platform for the youth to make friends.

During the event, the young people participating in the activity viewed the beautiful scenery of CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City. In the afternoon, they took part in some interactive games, such as trampling newspaper, eating watermelon, drum-and-pass and so on. There were various well-designed games and bursts of youth and cheerful laughter on the event scene, and the youth enhanced understanding during the process and their friendship was promoted through communication. Guoan party committee secretary Xia Guilan said that it was very meaningful to hold such social activities in the beautiful city in the wonderful season when we welcome the fruitful autumn and say goodbye to the summer. Meanwhile, she wished that the young people who attended the activity could find their life partners with the same interests and began their happy life together.